Some suggestions: Manual aperture selection assitant and others..

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Some suggestions: Manual aperture selection assitant and others..

Post by josemabcn » 01 May 2015, 16:33


Here my suggestions:
  • 1.- I think that for manual lenses, the possibility to implement the 3 ways Holy Gray, for this a suggestion it is to implement in LRTIMELAPSE SCREEN an assistan to manual aperture selection ramp. I mean, that qDsrl show a message on the best moment to change the manual aperture lens. For this it is necessary only a chekbox under setting box and then show a indication in the general window.

    2.- Another suggestions it is to force the maximal exposure setting for night, because if I need to capture the Milky Way (for example), I need a 2.8 settings for aperture, 30 seconds for shutter speed and and ISO about 3200, but, at what time?. I think than an option to select the time that we need that the qdsrl select the final exposure settings and then always the same settings can be a good option

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