Image Viewer _ Landscape- / Portrait-Modus

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Image Viewer _ Landscape- / Portrait-Modus

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first thank you for your great work.

I use with my Nikon D810 your program qDslrDashboard V 0.2.9 for Tether shooting.
Connection to the computer with USB cable and also with TP-Link MR3040 wireless to the computer and iPad.

The following question:

When I take pictures in landscape mode, the image is displayed properly in the Image Viewer.

But if I take pictures in portait mode (camera rotated 90 degree), the image in the Image Viewer will not be displayed rotated by 90 degrees.

In the camera is the "Automatic Image Orientation" switched to on.

Is it possible when shooting in portrait mode, that the image in the Image Viewer is displayed in portrait mode and not in landscape.

Thanks in advance.

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