Canon 5D mk4 will not connect

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Canon 5D mk4 will not connect

Post by Jhaywood101 »

I have had great success with my Nikon D750 working with dslrdashboard 3.5.2 and my iPad. my new Canon 5Dmk4 will connect to my iPad, and function with all canon apps as it is supposed to. However, The 5D mk4 will not work. Help please!

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Re: Canon 5D mk4 will not connect

Post by poverbos »

This seems to be relatively old, but I did not see a response, and I am having the same problem. Controlmycamera (CMC) does not connect to my Canon 5Dmk4, while the Canon Connect app connects just fine. Sometimes CMC seems to find the camera, but then immediately comes back and tells me it's finished looking and stops. This happened with 2 cameras and on 2 different iPads.
Is there any progress on this issue?

Thanks, Peter

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