Cannot install from Play Store Android 9

qDslrDashbord error reports
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Cannot install from Play Store Android 9

Post by drizwaldo » 21 Mar 2019, 11:53

Hi folks,

After updating my Galaxy note 8 to Android 9 - qdslrdashboard disappeared completely from my apps list.

It is very strange.

Having gone to the PlayStore to install, it downloads and then gives an error:

"cant install qdslrdashboard. Try again, and if this still doesn't work, see common ways to fix the problem"

I have tried clearing cache and data from google play (and download manager), restarting phone, force stopping google play services etc. But I am stuck and very very frustrated!

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Re: Cannot install from Play Store Android 9

Post by KäptnNemo » 05 May 2019, 20:45

Exact same thing here.
Note FE (7) with Android 9. ... don't know, what I all tried, definitely the above mentioned attempts.

Even the very kind assistance of the developer could not help for now.

Using my old Note 3 with Android 5 for now.

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