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Sony A6000 problems

Posted: 08 May 2019, 05:21
by tpaairman
I'm having problems with DSLR Dashboard on my Android tablet, as well as ControlMyCamera on iPhone.

On the Android, I can take a pict, but if I try to change on of the camera settings, the app suddenly won't respond, other than if I'm in live view, it will still show a live view.

On iOS, it won't lock up, but you cannot control the camera settings from the app.

On both, if I change a setting on the camera itself, it shows the changes in the app.

Re: Sony A6000 problems

Posted: 08 May 2019, 09:41
by hubaiz
Do you use the latest 'Smart remote control' on your camera ( ... _00-F00002 )?
After you press the screen In live view for focus you must press the AF button to exit the focus mode (while in focus mode you can't change the camera settings - this is a Sony protocol limitation)

Re: Sony A6000 problems

Posted: 08 May 2019, 21:16
by tpaairman
I had the remote app installed on the camera, but turns out it was not the current version. I did the update and it works. In fact on ContorlMyCamera, I didn't even have to push the AF button. It just hit the ground running.

Sony is really horrible on their software. The last update they had for that remote app was 2 1/2 years ago, and they ship a new camera now with a version older than that. But trying to actually find apps for the phone or tablet is insane. It blows me away that you are a one man band, and have an app that works awesomely, and Sony whose a multi-billion dollar company with thousands of engineers can't even put out anything that you can even download.

Re: Sony A6000 problems

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 17:51

I'm using an a6500 model and experiencing the same issues.
For more details on my initial post, go to : ... 0#pid44530

So my camera is running on firmware version 1.05 and since my purchase in febr. 2019 haven't installed any update on it.
The "Smart Contol Embedded" application (that's how it's called here) was therefore by Sony itself installed during production.

The version you're pointing at on ... _00-F00002
dates 17 novembre 2016
So I guess I'm stil up-to-date on that in 2019, soon to be 2020...

Any help would be appreciated.

Using the app for
- External LV during video work, which works fine.
- Remote controlling (with LV) ,both manually for long exposure and automatically like LRTimelapse (not working)


PS. This comment from thewoj suggests Remote control via Wifi did work not so long ago ... 2869#p8369

Re: Sony A6000 problems

Posted: 24 Dec 2019, 21:20
by hubaiz