New User Configuration Questions

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New User Configuration Questions

Post by geoshare »

I'm a new user and successfully ran a day night timelapse using my Nikon D810A.

As a former user of another software I'm used to setting the daytime evening timelapse interval from 3-10 seconds and transition to milkyway timelapse interval of 25 seconds with a 2 second delay.

I cannot figure out how to use a shorter interval early in the timelapse and let the interval grow to astrophotography interval of 27 seconds.

Can the timelapse interval be set to change over the course of the session? If so where should I look for the settings.


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Re: New User Configuration Questions

Post by hubaiz »

In the qDslrDashboard interval timer after you started it you can enable ramping. In ramping you can set the final interval and the ramping duration.
Or you can use the Gunthers great LRT Pro timer

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