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by Erniebee
09 Dec 2018, 09:59
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Topic: qDslrDashboard 3.5.7 not on AppStore
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qDslrDashboard 3.5.7 not on AppStore

Deleting v. 3.5.6 from my iPad and restoring from purchased apps brings up 3.5.6 again. Zoltan replied in another thread a couple of days ago that there might be a delay for v. 3.5.7 to come up. Is it not reasonable to think that 2 days would be ample time for a new app to show up? Another question:...
by Erniebee
17 Jan 2018, 16:28
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Topic: iOS version only on US App store..?
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Re: iOS version only on US App store..?

Zoltan, what’s happening with the IOS versjon of the app. Any new development? Last November you hinted on releasing the app under a new name on the AppStore. Perhaps the time has come to just do that. There are many of us who are eagerly awaiting a resolution to this problem, and I am sure others b...
by Erniebee
20 Nov 2017, 17:58
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Topic: Night time compensation (NTC)
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Night time compensation (NTC)

Over on the LRTimelapse forum there is some talk about a Night Time Compensation (NTC) functionality in the Holy Grail section of qDDB. However, I cannot find any reference to this function in this forum. Neither can i find it in my (IOS) version of qDDB (v 3.5.3) either. Moreover, when checking the...