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by hachouri
07 Mar 2020, 08:02
Forum: Error reports
Topic: eosr can’t take hloygrail shot
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Re: eosr can’t take hloygrail shot

I confirm this issue with canon EOS R firmware 1.6.0 and latest qdsldashboard for both android 10 (samsung s10+) and iPad OS (iPad 7th gen) the issue is when the camera is set to shoot in RAW and JPEG the issue does not happen if the camera is shooting in JPEG only
by hachouri
04 Mar 2019, 16:20
Forum: Feature request/ideas
Topic: sub-second intervalometer
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sub-second intervalometer


why it is not possible to set an intervalometer with less than a second for example I want to setup a timelapse with shutter speed 1/4 of a second and interval 1/2 second I can set that time to 0m:0s.5 but the start button is grayed.

thanks for your help