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by lefey
01 Jul 2018, 13:00
Forum: Feature request/ideas
Topic: VNC platform plugin
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VNC platform plugin

Dear Zoltan!
Please, can you add VNC platform plugin to the raspberry pi qDD version, it would be very nice feature for remote operation.
Look here, ... r-VNC.html
by lefey
27 May 2018, 13:46
Forum: Open discussion
Topic: Running qDslrDashboard on Raspbian Stretch
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Re: Running qDslrDashboard on Raspbian Stretch

Hi hubaiz! Thank you for your work! I have a raspberry model pi 2 b, and completely follow your instruction, but it does not work :( When I try to start, the process qDslrDashboard is immediately stop. I am try to install raspbian stretch latest release and exact 2017-11-29 release...
by lefey
05 Jul 2015, 02:13
Forum: Error reports
Topic: Win 7/32 crash on start...
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Re: Win 7/32 crash on start...

Hi! Get the same problem with crashing on start at desktop version. Get crash on start of v0.3 beta1, beta5 Get crash on connecting to camera of v0.2.9, but not at all time. some times it work normally. Some time get this on start of v0.2.9: prtscreen.JPG OpenGL version: GL_VERSION 3.1.0 - Build 9.1...