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qDslrDashboard V0.2.7

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V0.2.7 changelog:
  • fix RAW+JPG error when entering LRT for some Canon models
    add D5500 missing property values
    Rule600 dialog save values on exit
    Rule600 dialog link camera focal length (Nikon only)
    DOF calculator dialog save values on exit
    DOF calculator dialog link camera aperture and focal length (Nikon only)
    add image format filters (all, jpg, raw) to image viewer and capture history
    add image EXIF data display to image viewer and LRT image viewer
    add 'lock zoom and pan' option to image viewer
    faster thumb extraction for local images in image gallery
    add Canon mirror up capture
    add mirror up delay for Canon (Off - user initiated, 1s, 2s, 3s)
    add Nikon capture delay button to left buttons
    add live view record button
    fix property dialog not positioning on current value
    add cross hair option to live view (off, single, double)
    other small fixes
Submited V0.2.7 to iTunes for review

Added a Raspbery Pi 2 package. Only tested on Raspbian image. Graphics memory must be set to 512 with raspi-config.