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qDslrDashboard V0.2.9

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Uploaded V0.2.9 for all platform and also will submit for review for iOS devices

  • fox for crash introduced in V0.2.7 that hit some of the Canon DSLR
  • added D7200 (property values included)
  • added new live view and image renderer
  • added option to connect to all discovered DSLR (USB, ddserver)
  • added option to sync DSLR date/time on connection start
  • added live view ghost image with a dialog for JPG selection
  • added image sharing for mobile platforms (Android, iOS) in gallery and image viewer
  • fixed error in LRTimelapse that prevented 'sunrise' to work with 'Auto direction' enabled
  • moved to LibRaw V0.17 Alpha4 (D3300 NEF files work now)
  • added delay for focus stacking
  • added delay for sky stacking
  • fixed Unicode image folder on Windows
  • other small fixes that where reported
Version V0.2.8 is skipped so that all platforms have the same version.