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qDslrDashboard V0.3 beta

Posted: 22 Jun 2015, 14:02
by hubaiz
qDslrDashboard V0.3 beta is available for testing at the following links

Android ARM: ... sp=sharing
Android x86: ... sp=sharing
Windows x64: ... sp=sharing
Windows x86: ... sp=sharing
Windows XP: ... sp=sharing
Linux x64: ... sp=sharing
Linux x86: ... sp=sharing
OSX x64: ... sp=sharing

Windows and Linux user should just unpack the archive into an existing qDslrDashboard V0.2.9 folder and start with 'qDslrDashboard_V0.3.beta1.exe' on Windows or with '' on Linux.

I put a lot of effort into V0.3 to make it more stable. Rewrote all the core components that are responsible for communication with the connected DSLR.

I also reworked the UI, it is more simple now and should be more responsive.

Please test it and report back any problems that you encounter on the forum.