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Setting Profiles, Automation

Post by skalinkin » 08 Mar 2017, 21:56

Hi, I do Real Estate Photography. To speedup my workflow I currently do that on D750

1)U1 - Aperture priority, flash off, ISO 320, F8, 3 brackets N -2 +2 (for Ambient shot)
2)U2 - Manual, flash on ISO 320, F8, single shot. (Base, Flash shot)
3)Manual, flash on ISO100, F8 "Window pull in darken mode" several shots.

I use Android qDD app. But it is to many same setting back in force while I am moving through the house.
I would like to have ability to set settings profiles. and then have them in sequence.

For example: I would define Ambient (for the first step), Flash (for the second step) and Window (for the last step) profiles. Then have only three "button" on the android app. Ambient, Flash and Window.

I would setup my camera on trypod and flashes in a room. Set the focus and tap "Ambient" button (Camera takes three bracketing shots), tap Flash (camera take flash shot) and finally point my "torch flash" to the window and tap "Window" as many times I need window shots.

Hope I explained what RE photographers need in detail.
Any questions let me know.

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