Some LRT ideas/requests

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Some LRT ideas/requests

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Hi Zoltan,

I have been using LRT in qDD a lot lately and thought about a few things.

It would be nice to be able to change the image count in the timer dialouge when capturing is in progress.
The other day i had a sunset timelapse running and the night sky became more and more interesting so i continues longer than originally planned, but than the timer reached the ajusted image count and stopped. So until i again started i misses 2 timing intervals. Bad luck.

Also, is it possible to do a focus ramping over a longer period of time, say 30min or more. Maybe with connecting the focus stacking window and LRT.
I am aware that once the focus changes, also the images "zoom" changes, but maybe that wouldn´t be distraction if it´s slow enough. Also, one can always allign again in PS later.

Thank´s for everything!

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