Level Update on Nikon Camera?

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Level Update on Nikon Camera?

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Hi, I find the level a bit difficult to use in the app. It visually displays movements the roll axis just fine, but it does not show the movements on the pitch axis of the camera. It would be wonderful to update this functionality to work more like the native on-screen level on my Nikon cameras (I have a D600 and a D750). Currently, using the numerical readout does work, but it is a bit difficult to use quickly and I find it to be quicker to exit my iPad's LiveView and turn on the camera's LiveView and use the level on the back of the camera, then go back to LiveView on the iPad for other adjustments. I use this daily as an architectural photographer, with a geared tripod head, and the missing functionality is a bit cumbersome to work around.


1a. Add pitch axis to the level, to match how the roll axis is displayed.
1b. Add crosshairs for visual aid when level is turned on. I know they can be turned on independently of the level, but that just adds a step. If point #1 above is addressed, the crosshairs give a visual aid to confirm when the camera is level as the fixed crosshairs will align perfectly with the level's markers when level is achieved.
2. Secondary to points 1a and 1b above, visually it would be nice to operate similarly to the Nikon level display, where the pitch and roll markers are yellow when not level, and turn green once the camera is perfectly level, on both axes.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and thanks for the wonderful app!

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