Custom Overlays for Directors Viewfinder + Fit-to-width

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Custom Overlays for Directors Viewfinder + Fit-to-width

Post by SimonDoP » 08 Apr 2018, 20:53


I work as a cinematographer, and I’m trying to find a way to use an android smartphone as a Directors Viewfinder monitor for my Canon 5D. qDslrDashboard is the best app I’ve found. But I need to be able to make Custom Aspect Ratio Overlays. Would that be possible?
(see suggestion further down)

Right now I use custom cropmarks/frame-lines/overlays in Magic Lantern, and then output the signal through hdmi to a small onboard monitor.
But being able to use an android smartphone would be infinitely better!
It’s smaller, lighter, and above all has built in wifi. Which means I can send the Live View over to the director with a Chromecast. Which would be awesome!

The Cropmarks I made in Magic Lantern are great, but they don’t seem to transfer through usb. And the overlays in qDslrDashboard are a little too simple and few.
(I’m starting principal photography now on a TV series that is going to air in the aspect ratio 2:1. But most importantly; green overlays won’t work on a movie set..;)

So, would it be possible to implement the option to do custom overlays in qDslrDashboard?
If not the normal way, maybe through the Ghost Image function?
If I would make a png with alpha channel of the desired overlay, in some way import that into qDslrDashboard, and use it as a Ghost Image. Would that work?
In Magic Lantern I use an indexed coloured bitmap image as an overlay. Would that be an option?

- Another thing that would be great is if there could be a Fit To Width-option in Full Screen Mode.
(Since I just use roughly half the height)

- I there a way to turn off the focus rectangle?
- I would prefer to just use the controls on the camera, and use qDslrDashboard only as a monitor. Would it be possible to turn off some, or all, of the controls in the app, so that the controls on the camera work?

My absolute best
/Simon Olsson fsf

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