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Overexposure warning, zoom into right side of histogram

Posted: 09 Apr 2018, 17:49
by Miksel
I have a problem avoiding overexposure while shooting time lapse into the sun during sunset. Mainly because the thin and low line in the highlight portion of the histogram. I think it would help to have the choice to zoom into the highlight portion of the histogram.

My question is if a function to zoom into the right side of the histogram can be implemented. While shooting I can not see the histogram curve on the right side on my iphone 6plus screen. I am only guessing if there is highlight clipping or not. A waveform instead of a histogram would also make it easier to avoid overexposure.
Aditionally the LRT algorithm easily runs into overexposure. Are there any suggestions how to avoid overexposure?
Working with a Sony a6000.