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Sony camera orientation screen and preview clipping peaking.

Posted: 10 Jan 2019, 15:29
by kmpan
first I want to thank you for the great work! I bought the app today for Android.
I am missing two features that are very important to me :
1. I know that there is an option for leveling bar (Camera Orientation Screen). I did test it on Nikon D7100 with older version of the app and it was working great. Anyway now I want to use this feature with my A7R but I cannot find the button to activate it. Is it available for Sony cameras and if not can it be implemented?
2. I am used to the option to see clipped highlights blinking on my camera screen when previewing the photos. I had this option on my Nikon cameras and now I have it on my Sony cameras as well. When I preview the photos on my camera screen there is an option to see the clipped areas of the image - the clipped hightlights and shadows blinks white. Is there such an option in qDslrDashboard and if not can it be implemented?
Thanks in advance!