Sony a6xxx LrTimelapse

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Sony a6xxx LrTimelapse

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First of all, thank you very much for the app.
I have a question. I've already read a few posts. But unfortunately I'm still not satisfied with the information.
Debt relief so if the question is double.
I would like to buy a Sony a6000, a6300 or a6500. I have APP CONTROLMYCAMERA for iOS.
Can anyone confirm that I connect the aforementioned Sony cameras to the CONTROLMYCAMERA app and use the LrTimelapse feature?
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Re: Sony a6xxx LrTimelapse

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I've been experimenting with LRTimelapse dashboard with an a6500, but without complete success yet.

See my recent post here: ... 0#pid44530

Last reply in this thread thought reveals camera settings can be controlled by dslrdashboard, something that's fails for me right now: ... 2869#p8369

If you found a solution in the meanwhile, could you share it with us ?

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Re: Sony a6xxx LrTimelapse

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Was the camera in M mode?
Before you entered the LRTimelapse screen, did qDD read all the properties from camera (in the bottom right the shutter/aperture/ISO controls should be green and changable)
Before you activate 'Auto holy grail' in LRTimelapse did you set the limits?
Eventually contact me with the support email.

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