Tools for stop motion animation

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Tools for stop motion animation

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I'm about to experiment a little bit with stop motion animation and was looking for software that would help with controlling the camera. Obviously qDslrDashboard was the first one I checked and it almost, but not quite, has the two basic features I was looking for:

1. LiveView with ghost image of the previous frame. qDD has the feature but the user needs to manually change the photo each time. It would be great to also have an option for qDD to automatically change the ghost image to the most recent JPG after each photo is taken.

2. Video playback of photo previews. Being able to play the capture history (with a possibility to set fps in some reasonable range) would allow quick verification of the animation results.

Obviously I have no experience with stop-motion animation yet so maybe these aren't good ideas, I wonder what others think about them.
However, it seems that they shouldn't require very much effort to implement (especially the first one). And with these additions qDD might be a nice tool to start experimenting with stop-motion before one grows enough to use dedicated software like Dragonframe.

In the meantime I will probably use Stop Motion Pro Eclipse which has all the basic (and not so basic) tools necessary and is reasonably priced for short projects with its monthly subscription.
However it requires a laptop, connects to a DSLR with a USB cable only and doesn't allow me to save RAWs when using a Nikon camera. These are minor inconveniences but with qDD I would get RAWs, a wireless connection and could use a tablet.

And last but not least: thanks for this great piece of software :)

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