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Sony Suppot

Posted: 08 Apr 2019, 19:46
by Dbuckles
Curious if support for Sony A68 is a potential possibility? Just bought the iPhone app after looking around and not knowing for sure if it would work with it but thought it would since it has a pc program that can control it.

Re: Sony Suppot

Posted: 09 Apr 2019, 06:16
by hubaiz
Only the Sony mirroless cameras are supported that have built in wireless using the Playmemories 'Smart remote control' camera applicaiton ( ... _00-F00002 0

Re: Sony Suppot

Posted: 19 Jul 2019, 22:53
by Aleksander
PC version works for non-Playmemories too!
A7III for example.

Re: Sony Suppot

Posted: 29 Aug 2019, 21:54
by thewoj
I have tried to connect both the a6000 and the a7ii to qDslrDashboard through USB to no avail. I tried both with the WinUSB driver and without. I loaded up Sony's "Remote" app for both cameras in Windows and both of them worked fine, allowing me to take photos and change settings with either camera, and giving me a live preview with the a7ii. Is there some weird compatibility issue for Sony USB support?

Sony PC Compatibility chart, btw: ... es/#amount