Portrait Mode Needed!!

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Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by Danielwhite1 »

It seems that support for portrait mode would be pretty basic... Can we get a little love for people who don't only shoot in landscape orientation? Some people still take portraits... Even in 2018.

Thank you!


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Re: Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by mickpayton »

I totally support this need for portrait mode! I run workshops for new photographers and this would be a great addition to the tools as we mostly shoot portraits. Dslrdashboard is by far the best application for studio use - except for the lack of portrait mode, so till then I have to use Lightroom.


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Re: Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by hubaiz »

What exactly do you mean under 'portait mode'?

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Re: Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by Bernie »

I think he means the following:

When I take pictures in landscape mode, the image is displayed properly in the Image Viewer.

But if I take pictures in portait mode (camera rotated 90 degree), the image in the Image Viewer will not be displayed rotated by 90 degrees.

In the camera is the "Automatic Image Orientation" switched to on. (Nikon)

Is it possible when shooting in portrait mode, that the image in the Image Viewer is displayed in portrait mode and not in landscape mode.

I already asked this question on May 25, 2015

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by surdo »

+ 1. I have the same issue with a Nikon.

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Re: Portrait Mode Needed!!

Post by JuliaK »

Yes! This would be a great feature. Most of my work is in portrait mode, so at this point, live view is unfortunately useless unless I physically rotate my laptop

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