Advanced Bracketing with Sony

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Advanced Bracketing with Sony

Post by Jawari »

Hello everyone,,

I currently use qdslrdashboard with Canon and I can't live without the advanced bracketing feature.

It's life changing.

I am looking to buy a Sony A7R but the in camera bracketing is severely limited and the Sony community is crying out for a way to bracket more than 3 shots. If you search for "Sony A7R Bracketing" in Google you will see how frustrated the community is.

Qdslrdashboard could perfectly solve this problem.

I have no idea how complicated this would be to implement and I am not sure you are aware of this need.

Is this a feature you are working on?

The Sony community would love to know... :-)

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Re: Advanced Bracketing with Sony

Post by hubaiz »

This works with Sony cameras (mirrorless cameras) using the 'Smart remote control' camera application.
The a9 and a7riv droped the 'Smart remote control' so it will not work, also unfortunately stopped supporting the 'Remote API' they used.

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