Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2...)

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Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2...)

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Canon allows to strore various settings in "custome modes" (C1, C2..., depending on the camera model). This is very helpfull when using certain szenarios, like Timelapse, so that you can not forget certain settings.
Unfortunately qDDB does not decognize those custome modes. Example under C1 I have stored in my 6DM2, settings like RAW+JPG, MF, M-Mode etc. But when using this C1 and when choosing the LRTimelapse screen I get an error message, that the camera is not in manual (M) mode. Any chance to implement this in the future? If you need any help, let me know, Ihave the EOS 6DM2 and the EOS R.

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Re: Canon Custom Modes (C1, C2...)

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Unfortunately Canon does not provide any documentation for developers, contact me with the support mail and will try to fix it.

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