Sony A7R IV

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Re: Sony A7R IV

Post by hubaiz »

I'm working on it but unfortunately Sony does not help much. No documentation for developers.

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Re: Sony A7R IV

Post by Albut »

Thanks hope you can find a fix for it. This is the best camera control software available. Well done.

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Re: Sony A7R IV

Post by lawyu »

I have a problem connecting with my Sony A7R3 & A7R IV!
Right now I use iPhone ControlmyCamera apps to try to connect A7R3&4 can't work!
I try to connect my camera as usual with Wi-Fi but the screen stops at Connection info nothing happens.
But connect to my A7R2 & A6000 is fine!
Anyone can help?
Tell me how to set up the connection of the camera?

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Re: Sony A7R IV

Post by xelfer »

Hey hubaiz, any updates for the A7R mk4? considering getting one but no qdslrdashboard might hold me back ;-)


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