Saving app/camera settings

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Saving app/camera settings

Post by juanmi »

Hi there!
I'm a new to qDslrDashboard and a fan now. It is helping me a lot with real estate photography, and from now on, timelapse photography. Using it with android and a Canon camera. Form me, the "Custom Bracketing" option is the most useful and versatile one (among other apps).

But, for every app start, or camera's battery change, I have to manually set the same app settings (i.e. 4.4 grid, capture delay time, combined histogram, focus peak, among others).

It would be a very, very useful and time-saving feature the possibility of saving the settings.

Is this a feature to come?.

Congratulations for your developing effort and ideas.

Greetings from Spain,

Juan Miguel

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Re: Saving app/camera settings

Post by jordaninglee »

Yes - I second this. It's really a pain in the but to have manually set these all the time.

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