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Setting some default options

Posted: 03 Jul 2021, 22:33
by Kabutoo
I use qDslrDashboard mostly on several Android devices and a Windows tablet as external monitors for shooting video with Nikon DSLRs. It would be fantastic if there were a way to "freeze" the current state of the settings as a new default when you load the app and connect a camera.

Every time I connect a device to a camera, I have to remember to re-enable the live histogram and change the aspect ratio back to 16:9 or I end up with footage that's often underexposed, or that doesn't match the other cameras, and I'm clipping too much at the top and bottom of the frame. Especially when I've got several cameras and several devices setup.

If I turn cameras/tablets/phones off to save battery (which I do often during the course of a day shooting video), it's annoying to get home and find the footage is useless because I forgot to turn those features back on. It's also ends up adding a lot of time and hassle to the shooting workflow through the day.