Z50 Intervalometer

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Z50 Intervalometer

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I have been using the Z50 for astro. After the firmware update to 2.30, the software fails to do "timed exposure" using the bulb mode.

The problem appears when I
1) Enter bulb mode
2) Enter intervalometer
Problem: The "Start" button is now greyed and intervalometer cannot be used

Interestingly, a workaround to this was to
1) Enter intervalometer
2) Choose the desired interval e.g. 2 min and quit the intervalometer
3) Use a default exposure e.g. 30s
4) Enter intervalometer
5) Change into bulb mode using the camera button without quitting the in-app intervalometer

Would it be possible to fix this in a future update?

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Re: Z50 Intervalometer

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Please can you contact me with the support email?
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