Incorrect SD Card size

qDslrDashbord error reports
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Incorrect SD Card size

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It seems that DslrDashboard cannot utilize anything more than a 32GB card on the Canon SL1. I have tried this on two different versions (Android and OS X) and they yielded the same results. When plugging in a 64GB sd card to my canon, the camera itself reads that it can take ~1800 RAW + JPG photos but in dslrdashboad it tells me that I can only take ~900 RAW + JPG photos, equivalent to a 32GB sd card. When I hit that 900 photo limit while using the LRTimelapse feature, it tells me that the camera is full and shuts off. I tried it with a 32GB sd card and a 16GB sd card, and they gave me the proper results in qddb.

Any insight would be appreciated!


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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

Post by hubaiz »

qDslrDashboard get's that number from the camera.
The SD card is handled by the camera not by qDD.

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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

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I have the same problem with Canon 5DS. I already post it here ... f=5&t=1173

Could you Please fix it. I can not shoot long timelapse because of this bug.

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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

Post by GonzoG »

As Zoltan wrote - it has nothing to do with qDD. This is a problem with camera.

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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

Post by djoubert »

actually, using Canon 6D with 64Go SD cards, I Already found that the counters are not in line with what is display on the 6D body.
I checked again on my two 6D:
for instance on the first one : 1107 displayed with Dslrdashboard ( V0.3.4) and 1291 at 6D body.
Whan I press to have a shoot the both counters decrease : 1106 and 1290
the same behaviour on my second 6D :
1125 instead of 1521 , then 1124 instead of 1520.
I read the previous answer about just information sent from the 6D...
Actually not the same display, if you could check again....
Not a critical issue, but amazing...
best regards

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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

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hubaiz wrote:qDslrDashboard get's that number from the camera.
The SD card is handled by the camera not by qDD.
Then why, when using a 64GB card, when DSLR Dashboard tells me I have 900 shots remaining, does the camera (T3i) tell me I have 1800 shots remaining?

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Re: Incorrect SD Card size

Post by aaube »


I see the same thing with a Canon T6S.
Since i've upgraded from a 32 to a 64 gig card, the limit within dslrdashboard is still a tad over 730 frames (same as when the 32 gig card was present). On the camera side, the value showed is nearly double that (with a 64 gig card).

For some reasons, the info about the 64 gig card being in the camera is not sent to the software/tablet.

I've just finnished a timelapse sequence and the camera shutted down again after 733 photos for about 29gig, there's still 29 gig free on the card. I've never pass that mark.

I'm running qdslr Dashboard 3.5.1 on a tablet pc (Chuwi HI12) tethered to the T6S via a usb cable.

I have not found an explanation nor a workaround yet.



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