New iOS version blows out !

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Re: New iOS version blows out !

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Working again - happy bunny again

Thank you :)

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Re: New iOS version blows out !

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Just downloaded the new version to my iPad Pro 9.7" and it runs horribly, the live view pauses and stutters every second or 2 making it unusable, it works fine on my iPhone 6s though. Also I'm pretty disappointed to find the new version requires iOS 6 as this means it's no longer possible to update the app on my old 1st Gen iPad, is there a reason why it now requires iOS 6 as opposed to 5.1.1?

TL;DR I bought an iPad Pro because this app repeatedly crashed on my first gen iPad meaning I couldn't use it, but this version is unusable on the iPad Pro so I'm no further forward. I realise this app is effectively a beta but it would be nice if I could eventually get a version that works, after all I did pay £7.99 for it.

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