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Is Android more stable than iOS? I need a stable solution.

Posted: 27 Mar 2016, 12:48
by jimabels
I'm currently using iOS 9.0.2 over wifi on my Nikon D750. I'm having issues during time lapses using its intervalometer.
It stops capturing frames. My card holds over 550 images approx but it stops short at 5-527 images. Is this a safe buffer due to space on the card. I can take several more raw captures on the same card via manual triggering directly on camera and after restarting app. I have plenty more space. Shooting 14bit raw + basic. I give 5 seconds of black time @ 7 sec intervals. This has happened during sunrise and sunsets. I'm using holy grail as I'm trying to capture full transitions. Should I use my D800 instead? My objective was let the app controll the bulb ramping while i cdapture stills on my D800. Should I invest in an Android tablet and if so which one can handle processing well with these files and is solid with my Nikon D750 and D800. Some one help me!

Re: Is Android more stable than iOS? I need a stable solution.

Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 18:07
by bobjones
The iOS version has always been a buggy piece of crap... I would love to know if Android is actually stable.

0.3.5 completely crashes on open with my iPhone and iPad (thanks). Found this out on the night before a full day shoot.

I have switched to Sony and I cannot use my beloved Camranger. I bought Camranger because qDslrdashboard was so buggy with my Canon.

If ONLY this was a professional solution and not something that embarrassed me in front of clients every time I try to use it.

Re: Is Android more stable than iOS? I need a stable solution.

Posted: 28 Mar 2016, 19:13
by GonzoG
iOS version is not buggy. It's the iOS it self thats the problem. There is no good SDK, no good emulator and system works different on different devices and you cannot freely test app on any device because every one has to be added to developers account as a testing device.

And when it comes to stability - the main problem is that system goes to sleep (screen turns off) after some inactivity and than qDD stops working. You have to ensure that is won't go to sleep - there is an option in qDD to keep screen on.
In this way Android is better because turning screen off doesn't mean that device goes to sleep.

I've used iPhone for TL's and night shooting and had no problems but I prefer Android because you can use USB which is a few times faster than WiFi.
And when it comes to downloading photos the speed is crucial. With D610 and MR3040 the smallest JPEGs (basic small) are downloaded in 1-5s and those weight only ~0.8~1 MiB. The speed depends on signal strength so when my phone (Nexus 5) is next to camera it takes up to 1s to download JPEG (15s for RAW) but I'm in a car and camera is about 5m from me it takes 3-5s to download JPEG and even over a minute for RAW (3-4s for downloading RAW via USB).
And mind that cameras built-in WiFi has much weaker signal than MR3040 so the download speed drops on much shorter distance.

So setting correct interval time that includes time needed for downloading photo and analyzing it is the most important.
You must check how long it takes for downloading and viewing a photo, then you add real shutter time* (times 2 with long exposure noise reduction/dark frames) and add 0.5 - 1 second.
So when using internal qDD intervalometer the gap between photos is quite big.

*real shutter time - the shutter time that is shown on camera is not real time, e.g. 30s on Nikon means 32-34s (depending on camera) so with longer exposures and using semi-automatic exposure modes (A/Av, S/Tv), you have to account that difference. Using BULB the time there is no difference if device controlling shutter is the same device that controls interval.

Re: Is Android more stable than iOS? I need a stable solution.

Posted: 29 Mar 2016, 02:17
by bobjones
I believe that that the problem is with iOS. I've completely lost faith in Apple.

I'm switching to Android this weekend when I buy the new Galaxy S7 Edge.

I pray that it will allow me to use qDslrdashboard without endless bugs.

Re: Is Android more stable than iOS? I need a stable solution.

Posted: 30 Mar 2016, 04:21
by Skullet4000
The Android version crashes fairly regularly on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, it also crashes on my 1st gen iPad running iOS 5.1.1, the most stable version I have is on my iPhone 6s running iOS 9.3. It's fairly tedious having to use my phone, it pretty much defeats the purpose as the screen isn't much bigger than the one on my camera.