LRTimelapse Holy Grail Grayed Out

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LRTimelapse Holy Grail Grayed Out

Post by juanfelipeghx »

Hi everyone,

first off: awesome app! So much value for money - great job. All features, so far as I was able to test them, work smoothly. However, the only exception is the LRTimelapse mode. I just can't activate the Auto Holy Grail function... I've changed all settings as recommended when those info windows pop up (Manual Mode, RAW+JPEG etc.), but without any success... I can take sample pictures but they are not shown when using the LRTimelapse mode. The Holy Grail Button is just grayed out. If I take regular pictures within liveview (main screen) everything works well. Any idea how to solve this? I have also restarted my phone and camera but nothing changed. I also searched the forum before posting this but it wasn't much of a help.

Gear: Galaxy S7 Edge, Canon 760D - Connection is over WIFI

Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help me out!


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Re: LRTimelapse Holy Grail Grayed Out

Post by mattjaro »

did you find a solution to this issue? im having this same issue but it only happens when i teather my camera to my tablet using a type-C connector. when i use WIfI everything works fine. I have the same issue when i use my Pixel 3 phone with updated android OS.

Thanks Jaro

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