Focus Stacking not working (Canon EOS)

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Focus Stacking not working (Canon EOS)

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Hi everyone!

I bought qdslrdashboard plus a TP-Link Router mainly to do focus stacking. Unfortunately this does not work at all and I'm disappointed!

I’m using an EOS 5d Mk III with a Canon macro lense (EF 100, 2.0 USM) and qdlsrdashboard on an iPad mini 2 with a TP-Link Router.

1. Camera is in Live View (image visible on camera display and on the iPad mini).
2. Fockus stack is activated (red color)
3. I’m chosing the closest focus point with the yellow rectangular field and use AF to focus (works perfect)
4. Now I’m pressing the button “1” to save this focus point (works ok)
5. Then I’m chosing my end focus point by pressing the arrow buttons (not AF)
6. Save this position under "2"
7. Then I select "Medium" (step size)
8. And start taking the shots

Camera takes same picture with same focus again and again and Motor of the lense is not moving (althought it is on AF)

Is there a workaround to manage Focus Stacking as it should be? Thanks.

Best, Harald

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