Nikon D500 to Samsung Tab S3 via wifi

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Nikon D500 to Samsung Tab S3 via wifi

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at first I will apologize for my bad english and for not being a computer- / DSLR-specialist.
I am still looking for a way to connect my Nikon D500 to my Samsung Tab S3 via wifi.
Is there anybody who can offer a step-by-step-instruction how to persuade the camera's built-in wifi to start a connection with my android-tablet (using Android 7.0 nougat)? I managed to pair the two devices via snap-bridge, but a wifi-connection to use the qdslrdashboard-app is still not possible. when I try to use the shutter-release, the app asks me to make a wifi-connection which always fails.
The same happens when I start the qdslrdashboard-app ant click on the button "Nikon" - the screen stays black or shows the message "Connecting to Nikon wireless camera at IP" and nothing else happens.
Do I overlook something or is the D500 not compatible with the Samsung Tab S3?
Is it necsessary to buy a TP-Link 3040-box or will the D500 be able to start a wifi-connection without requiring any extra devices?
Thanks in advance for a useful reply!

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Re: Nikon D500 to Samsung Tab S3 via wifi

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Connecting with SnapBridge cameras is a bit tricky.
In FAQ (viewtopic.php?f=6&t=1574) you have a link to instructions.

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