LiveView 10x Zoom not centered

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LiveView 10x Zoom not centered

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Hi there

When I zoom in 10x in LiveView, the image and crosshair is off center. When compared to what the screen on my camera is seeing, then 1x and 5x zoom looks exactly the same, and the center is at the same spot. But when doing 10x zoom there is a big diffeence between whats in the center of the screen on my camera and the screen on my computer. The sing crosshair is off center by about 5-10% of the image.

Would be great if it's possible to fix this somehow, since this functionality makes it dramatically easier to center cameras at the entrance pupil, when doing 360 panorama images. Is this a software bug, or something I have to adjust in some settings?

I'm using qDslrDashboard on a Mac, newest version, controlling a Canon 6D, through a TP-Link device.

Btw thanks for a great product! Really makes live easier :)


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Re: LiveView 10x Zoom not centered

Post by hubaiz »

Will check it.

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