Sony A7riii works, sort of

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Sony A7riii works, sort of

Post by Pogo »

I bought the app today in the playstore. After some attempts I got the app to connect to my A7rii. Taking a photo did not work until I turned autofocus off in the camera, after that it worked. I tried the bracket feature, but it takes only one of the photos before it hangs. Tried setting camera to manual and A mode, made no difference. I can take a series of exposures without a problem. If anybody can help me with those issues I would like to hear it.



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Re: Sony A7riii works, sort of

Post by MJR63 »

Hi Peter,

I have a Sony a 7RIII and have not been able to connect. Can you provide any insight on how you were able to connect the camera.

Thank you!


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