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Posted: 01 Dec 2018, 01:34
by Go Wild

I bought the app and the first time I pair the camera, via wi-fi with the phone (Huawei P10 lite) it did work. It seems to be having a bug by not showing the screen, only a black screen and didn´t do live view. However, the worse thing happened today. I was preparing a timelapse and I couldn´t open the app. Well, the app open, then i hit the Sony button in the app to pair the camera. After that the app search for the camera, finds the camera, try to connect to the camera and...the app crashes. I tried everything for several times...nothing. The connection of the camera with the phone was fine, because i could use playmemories app just perfect!

Please some help here because it´s frustrating and i can´t use the program..... :(

Thank´s in advance!

Re: A7RIII Bug

Posted: 01 Dec 2018, 08:25
by hubaiz
Playmemories can run in the background and connect to the camera and preventing qDD from connecting.