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D7200, new tablet running Android 7.1.1

Posted: 02 Feb 2019, 00:29
by earthshaker
I have experienced two crashes so far during this session. Using a USB OTG adapter, cable connection to camera. First crash was at 75 frames, second at 78 frames, now at frame 53 this set. The tablet is not connected to a network at this time, so I can't send the logs, now. Where would I find them after I can connect to a network, so I can them?

Re: D7200, new tablet running Android 7.1.1

Posted: 04 Feb 2019, 12:08
by earthshaker
Update to add, I tried the usb otg cable again, qdd crashed again after 60 frames. I decided to try WiFi, add crashed after 50 frames. Yesterday I shot 600 frames using my old tablet, not one issue. This leads me to think the problems are stemming from the new tablet, and possibly add, it a combination there of.