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Manual GPS entry not working

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 19:02
by skysurfer
GPS does not work at all, i.e. when positioning ON it does not get a position.
And sincev ersion 3.5.8 there is a manual entry, but when I filled in my coordinates (28S, 153E, north NSW) it gives 51.52N, 0.13W, whatever I fill in.
The format it should be filled in, is not given, so I guessed, hh (as integers), but nothing worked and no error appeared.
I filled in the values in a small edit box. The Large blank white field below it does mot accept input.

The top part of the image shows the input field and the result is shown below it.


Re: Manual GPS entry not working

Posted: 29 Mar 2019, 20:46
by hubaiz
You should be connected to internet to select your manual location with the map.
The input field is there to enter a name for the selected manual position.

The wording is a bit wrong, when GPS is red it means the manual GPS is used.
Long press the GPS button to disable it.

Re: Manual GPS entry not working

Posted: 30 Mar 2019, 12:32
by skysurfer
Why is it not possible to fill in coordinates directly ?
That makes it a lot easier and independent from internet.