Controlmycamera 1.0.1 sony a7 iii

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Controlmycamera 1.0.1 sony a7 iii

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there is not much to say, the app just doesnt work. You see a few seconds a live view but pressing any button will cause a crash. Any solution here?

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Re: Controlmycamera 1.0.1 sony a7 iii

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I just went through that with my A6000. Welcome to Sony. First and foremost, make sure you have the latest version of PlayMemories remote on the camera. Don't just assume it is. The last version update was 2 1/2 years ago, but my camera that I just got a couple weeks ago, had a previous version. I had a couple other BS things to figure out with mine as well, so Sony needs to get their act together.

Once that's done, and you're in ControlMyCamera, You're supposed to have to touch the screen to pick your focus point, then hit the AF button, and it will work. I'm told that's a quirk on Son's side of things. What I actually found is that on ControlMyCamera, I didn't even have to do that, but I had to the first couple times using DSLRdashboard on my Android table, however it seems I don't have to now.

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