Autofocus Nikon Z6

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Autofocus Nikon Z6

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The auto focus feature in the app doesn’t seem to be working with the Z6 camera. I can tap on the screen and see the yellow box move but it will not focus the camera, even when I tap the AF button. I’ve checked and the camera is in auto focus mode AF-S, autofocus works fine when not connected to the app

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Re: Autofocus Nikon Z6

Post by hubaiz »

If you 'tap' the live view screen it will only changes the area where the focus will be performed. To perform the focusing you must press the 'AF' button on the left side.
In qDslrDashboard settings you can enable the 'AF after focus point change' option, with it enabled after you change the focus area qDslrDashboard will automatically start the camera autofocus.

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