Nikon Z6 and Dashboard settings override issue

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Nikon Z6 and Dashboard settings override issue

Post by Mjj »

Hi all,
I have this issue :-
I connect my Z6 with my Android mobile,I set Dashboard to camera mode,
I see my cameras default exposure settings in the Dashboard window ( 1/400, f8 iso 100) ,
I capture a test shot with the dashboard capture button,
I decide the the shot is too dark and change the exposure correspondingly,( 1/25,f8,iso 100),
take another shot, for a fraction of a second dashboard goes into Host Mode and sets my camera back to the default settings
1/400,f8,iso 100, then returns to camera mode, but the shot is again too dark, this is the same with the TimeLapse function too, the camera is always forced back into it's original settings. But when I use an external timer or the cameras own shoot button, the exposure values remain as adjusted. My D850 does not react like this, it is only the Z6, and it doesn't matter if the camera is connected over wifi or usb, the exposure
settings are overriden :roll:
Has anybody experienced this or got any thoughts on it?
Huawei P8
Android 8.0.0
Dashboard 3.5.9
Nikon Z6

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Re: Nikon Z6 and Dashboard settings override issue

Post by hubaiz »

Is maybe BLV enabled (bright live view) ?
When you enable BLV it will remember the current exposure settings.
While enabled when the capture button is pressed it will use the exposure settings that it remembered and after capture it will revert to the exposure values that where set before capture.

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