Sony A7III Issues

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Sony A7III Issues

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thank for the app! Cant find "Donate" button. I want to donate!

I worked with Nikon D7200 previosuly and qDSLR worked fine.

Now switched to Sony A7III. Spent whole day looking for wireless thether solution, gave up.
Somehow (on the last try) I managed to connect to camera via qDSLR

There are some issues thou:
- qDSLR cant get a filename from the camera (found an easy workaround - reseting qDSLR counter and camera filename counter at a same time)
- qDSLR cant import RAW files the same way it worked with Nikon. This one is painfull, need to extract RAW files from the SD card after the shoot. Please, fix it if possible.

Some suggestions:
- a global hotkey for shutter would be glourious!

There are no options out there for Sony cameras without Playmemories to run wifi thether, would be great if you could make qDSLR better in this manner.

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