Interval timer not working on Android

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Interval timer not working on Android

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Using interval timer on QDSL Dashboard 3.5.9 on a Canon 6D is not working anymore.

When I set the camera to B(ulb) and connect it via USB to the Android phone (Xiaomi Mi Pro running MIUI 10 / Android Pie), then I set exposure time (2 sec in this example), interval (3 sec) and 3 frames.
Screenshot_2019-08-25-16-02-06-916_info.qdd.png (239.89 KiB) Viewed 2197 times
But the start / stop buttons remain grayed out. This used to work in 3.5.8. What is changed ?

And the 'Sky stacking' mode does not allow to fill in the shutter speed anymore. When I click on it I see an empty box with a red cross with no way to fill in anything.
Screenshot_2019-08-25-16-18-13-068_info.qdd.png (163.57 KiB) Viewed 2196 times
EDIT: I tried the macOS version but that has the same problem: the interval timer or sky stacking is not working with the same issues.

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