Cannot Use Multiple Wifi Connections (2x Sony a6000)

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Cannot Use Multiple Wifi Connections (2x Sony a6000)

Post by thewoj » 29 Aug 2019, 21:59

Hello there, I connected 2 a6000 cameras to my laptop, one through the internal wifi and the second through a USB wifi dongle. When either camera was powered off I was able to use qDslrDashboard with the other camera, but it would not connect to both simultaneously.

When I connected with both cameras connected, it would create 2 connections in the connection history at the bottom, but both would be for the same camera.

Is there a way to connect 2 Sony cameras to the same computer/tablet at the same time?

I am also open to USB options, as I read on another post that PC control is working for some cameras, but does not seem to work on my a6000 or a7ii


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