Nikon Z6: aperture / time /ISO

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Nikon Z6: aperture / time /ISO

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Nikon Z6 has three user definitions, where you can save different parameters. In U1 I have saved manual exposure, the aperture, time and ISO and other parameters. Then I adapt the aperture, time and ISO to my motive. Then I connect Z6 with WLAN to qdslrdashbaord and the app read the values from the saved parameters in U1, not the adapted one and save this to my camera!

I correct aperture, time and ISO via qdslrdashboard. Then I click on LiveView and the values are the same as before, the save value in U1!!!

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Re: Nikon Z6: aperture / time /ISO

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To my knowledge, qDSLRDashboard does not support users settings.
Please use your camera in manual exposore mode only.

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