Canon 550D OTG Cable

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Canon 550D OTG Cable

Post by Makkoo »

Hello everybody,
I have a Canon 550D and want to control it with DslrDashboard, I have tested the following combos

- Camera with USB cable and Windows PC DsrlDashboard 3.5.9 works
- Pi Zero works as a DDS server and Windows PC DsrlDashboard 3.5.9 works
- Pi Zero as a DDS server or with OTG cable and Android devices (Samsung Tab, Huawei P20, Huawei MediaTab) DslrDashboard 3.6.1 starts but when I take a picture
comes the popup "Capture in Progress" and I can't do anything anymore

Are there currently problems with Android devices or am I doing something wrong ??

And is the exposure of the exposure meter from the camera not forwarded to the DSL dashboard because I see nothing in the app?

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Re: Canon 550D OTG Cable

Post by LosLarsos »

I have exact the same with ANDROID and USB-Cable connection on CANON 7D.
App freezes after using the capture button.

I found out, when I go to USB Settings in ANDROID the mobile is not the host. When try to change this, I get an error message "change not possible", but the freezed app is working again.
Second I found out that I can shot sequences when I use Live-View. 1st start live view and 2nd start sequence will work.

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