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Cannot connect over wifi

Posted: 07 Sep 2021, 10:45
by skysurfer
I am using version 3.6.4 on both macOS and Android.
Connecting over USB works awesome, using two different DSLRs (Canon 6D and R6) on both Android and macOS.
But none of these two connect over wi-fi despite the camera and device (computer or smartphone) are in the same wifi network.
I do the following (on the 6D and R6 it works the same and I do the same things):
When I enable wifi on the camera and then select the computer icon on the camera, then it asks for connecting to the wifi which indeed succeeds. Then it asks for "Start the EOS utility app on the computer". Instead, I start the DSLR Dashboard app as instructed and I have no EOS Utility installed on my computer and neither the Canon Connect app on my smartphone.
When clicking on the wifi icon labeled 'Canon' in DSLR then it shows 'searching Canon / Sony cameras' and after a few seconds 'End searching Canon / Sony cameras'
Using with Android has the same issues: cannot connect.
I am sure the camera is connected to the wifi network.