qDSLRdashboard + TP 3040 as universal Swiss-Knife-Tool

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qDSLRdashboard + TP 3040 as universal Swiss-Knife-Tool

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Hello and many thanks for your excellent work first !!

... works like a charme for me ! (iOS+D7000)
Is there a way to include / keep the original functionality of the TP MR3040 in your firmware, using the V2 hardware switch ? (Router/AP/3G/WISP)
I found this http://www.inetcom.ch/openwrt-tl-mr3040 ... d-ddserver recently.
That's what would make the TP 3040 + qDSLRdashboard the universal Swiss-Knife-Tool for travelling NIKON (in my case) users !
I'm travelling a lot, staying in hotels often and this would reduce the hardware to carry to a minimum !
In the hotel it could provide the internet access by being connected by wire and share that wirelessly to multiple devices (company laptop, company phone, private tablet ...), unplug and going out to take pictures using the qDSLR functionality, back in the hotel, plug again and upload to a webdrive, ... all with just one hardware device :lol:
Maybe this function is already included but I have no clue about the "How-To".

I'm using qDSLRdashboard on iOS (from iTunes), NIKON D7000, TP-Link MR3040 V2.2, firmware from your website (...factory) AND ...
I'm NOT an IT guy ... I just know what an IP is and got my 3040 flashed with your firmware.

Again many thanks for your great work....

Cheers and thanks in advanced

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