Sony a6500 + Remote + Picture Profile

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Sony a6500 + Remote + Picture Profile

Post by greg »

Hey guys

I have a problem. I want to use my smartphone as a field monitor, since the screen is crap for recording outside.
My problem: I NEED to use Picture profile, 120fps etc. and this is NOT supported by the official Remote app on the camera.

I purchased a OTG Cable and your application, but it still doesnt work. On my main phone, everytime i connect and the app asks if i allways want to use this app when I connect the camera, it crashes. On my other android phone the same, but it doesnt crash - there is just no picture.

I also tried to create with my phone a hotspot and with a second phone and my camera connect to the phone's hotspot and try it like that - no success.

So my question: Is there ANY option to use your app and an android phone as external monitor?
That would really help me!


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Re: Sony a6500 + Remote + Picture Profile

Post by GonzoG »

For Sony you can only use WiFi connection with camera's built in WiFi.
USB won't work.

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